Thursday, September 29, 2011

green bookcoverporn

I've always loved the colour green, so it's no surprise that my eyes are naturally drawn to green book cover art. Specifically, the ones in my favourite shades (emerald, persian, teal). Since I was bored, I decided to compile a bunch of such covers yay! :D

The following collage is limited, obviously, to books I know or have stumbled across. Also because they have to meet the very subjective criterion of having caught my eye, I'm not going to include every single green cover I've seen -- only the ones I like. On the flipside, some of the covers are there just because they appeal to me/I am nostalgic about the book for whatever reason, and not necessarily because the green caught my eye (though of course it still has to have some green).

I will add to it from time to time as I come across more books. Click ahead for the coverporn!

1 comment:

  1. wow, you seriously have too much time in your hands. But I admit the green book cover porn looks awesome!