Thursday, December 02, 2010

today I talk about Twilight

Twilight, oh Twilight. You either love it or hate it, right? At least, that's what most people seem to think they have to do, even if they haven't read the books (the default reaction is then hatehatehate! even if I haven't read it! but I've read snippets! so I must unleash all the distaste at my disposal for the five minutes it forced out of me to decide I hated it! or my friend told me what happened! so I must hate it because shehe seems to have good reason to and even though it hasn't affected my time in any way except to hear it from my friend -- but okay that's hisher fault -- MUST. HAVE. OPINION.)

It's a bandwagon thing. I own three of the four books in the series, so go figure. I did have the luxury of reading the first three before the frenzy of opinions abounded, but I read the fourth in the midst of it. Here's my reaction to the first book: mmm. Meh. Here girls, try this. Second book: whatthehell why is she so spiritless and silly I don't like this book. Third book: er...what happened again?

Then BAM the circus started. Fourth book: OMG so campy and ridiculous! Did she just XXX?? (but honestly it was reminiscent of some of the worser fanfiction I've read -- I think Meyer went a little over the top after the success got to her head). So apart from the fourth (where I was possibly and probably biased) and maybe the second, I didn't love them, but I didn't hate them either. Here's the question: would most of you have, before the circus?

P.S. Not saying that Twilight doesn't deserve its negative publicity, but I really think it's mostly a reaction to the positive publicity. The karmic balance of opinions, or something, idk.

P.P.S. If you're wondering why I continue to buy books I am merely 'meh' with, I am a completist. I finish series. That explains why I own six books of Trudi Canavan's even though I didn't much like any of it. Yes, it took me six books to finally decide. Shut up.

EDIT: I fleshed this post out a little more in the comments section.


  1. I've only read the first book so I'm not really entitled to an opinion... but lets just say I can't imagine myself reading 3 more books about sparkly vampires.

  2. But you've read the book. I don't you hate it with an intense passion and deride anyone else for liking it? :P would you have felt like that if say, you read this when it was just another book and not many people knew about Twilight.

    This isn't an anti-anti-Twilight post; by all means, feel free to dislike the books lol. I don't like them very much myself. I was just poking fun at all the frenzy of opinions from people who have not read it, or would otherwise not read or care to read it but develop a (negative) passion for it anyway and basically join the hatefest for Twilight because it's an easy target with an easy audience.

    Sometimes it's a genre thing. Thanks to Twilight's success, you have many people who have never or don't normally read paranormal fiction or contemporary fantasy getting hold of it to see what the fuss is all about, and so you could say that their threshold for the ridiculous would be lower.

    Then you have the 'sparkly vampire' snark going around. Come on, anyone who's ever heard of that term before they read the books would find themselves already disinclined towards it. It's appropriately snarky, and conjures a ridiculous image in your mind that you can't shake off, and how could you possibly consider it a decent idea after that? But people do like the books, as evidenced by its success, probably not because of the sparkling but in spite of it, or because, as a friend of mine who likes it said, 'it's an interesting idea'. And you know what? Maybe it is. It certainly is unique, even if obviously too tacky for lots of people. Granted these people probably did not find themselves in the 'sparkly vampire' snark circle before they read the books.

    The bad prose. Here's the thing: a lot of people read for entertainment. There aren't very many people who notice what kind of prose they're reading, not until the badness of it jolts them out of the story. Reading is a largely reactionary thing; it's about how a book makes you feel. So people don't often sit and analyze the prose they're reading while they're reading -- unless maybe it's the second read or they're literary buffs. Now you have people getting reports of Twilight's bad prose and they look out for it when they read it. I see a posted snippet and I'm like hmmm that is rather bad but I didn't notice it while I was reading it; it just gave me the overall feeling of Meh. Twilight wasn't much of a jolter to me, to be honest. Breaking Dawn was, but I attribute that more to the ridiculous plot elements than to the prose. I'm not much of a prose person, can you tell?

    My point? Twilight was mediocre. But I've read some really bad category romances and I've read fanfiction, so I'm not kidding when I say I've read worse. But maybe my tolerance is just higher after all that. I'm just saying it's hard to separate what you hear from what to expect and how to react, and these days, it's hard to read Twilight without feeling like you ought to love it or hate it. If you're feeling meh about it, then of course you must hate it. Well guys, meh is a category!

    Good god, this is longer than my original post XD

  3. 'enjoyed it' is also a category btw; you can enjoy the ride without loving it. WHO KNOWS? Some haters might even have 'enjoyed it' in another life! :P

    Disclaimer: am not invalidating the justified opinions of you genuine haters out there ;)

  4. i thought we all sorta liked the first book. HAHAHA we fought over the characters man. HAHAHA good times xp dont think i liked the second and third book, thought the last book was alright. HAHAH i mean some of the ideas were a bit like WHAAAT but i did enjoy it overall i think. XD

  5. Wow, a comment that's longer than the post itself. You've outdone yourself, Brenda. :P

    What you've said is all true; I don't usually read romance and the only reason I bothered with Twilight had to do with the amount of attention it was getting. When your friends start telling you "Zomg Twilight is AMAZING" or "Better than Harry Potter!", you start to have heightened expectations of it. And, I'm HUGE on Harry Potter so naturally, I wanted to see if the twilight>HP claim had any truth in it.

    Truth be told, Twilight was ohkayyyy.... It doesn't deserve to be hated as much but like your friend PureViLmay said, some of the ideas make you cringe. :P

  6. @li may;
    I thought we (you and I anyway) thought it was just okay! But fighting over the characters was fun LOL, it was the only good thing to come out of the second book. I still maintain Jacob was at least better than wishy-washy emo Edward >P

    I know right lol, I impressed myself there xP didn't think I could write so much about Twilight. In case it wasn't obvious, I based a lot of my essay on my own um...experiences, so to speak. I still don't trust my judgment of Breaking Dawn to be unbiased, even if I am somewhat sure it is justified. The birth scene out of Alien still makes me O.O

  7. hahaha i dont remember anymore, i just remember the hype! and the fighting over the characters which equates to *thumbs up* LOVED IT for me HAHAHAHA


    but I kind of remember us agreeing that Bella's near-suicidal stupor that lasted for months after Edward's abandonment bordered on an unhealthy obsession.