Sunday, November 14, 2010


On Persephone's pomegranates, and seeing each other again:

"I got to one thousand and forty-three seeds last night," she said. "In the bath. So it's absolutely all right."
A Company of Swans, Eva Ibbotson

Friday, November 12, 2010


Sometimes I think I let myself sink because I'm looking for rock bottom to give me that extra boost when I (finally) push myself up again.

Home in five days :)  can't wait.

Conversations with the bff/mpf :-
Me: It's kind of like a 'screw you, world! I don't care what you think', you know?
Sara: Well, that explains some of your clothes.
Me: ...

Sara: At the interview, they asked who was the one person I'd bring to a party. Everyone else mentioned a celebrity I think, but I said 'my best friend'.
Me: Awww.
Sara: Yeah I didn't get it.
Me: Ouch.

Monday, November 01, 2010

this is a post about a skirt

I have a skirt. It isn't a very nice skirt. I'm fairly certain Sara would hate it when she sees it, actually. It's a bit long, in an odd shade of green with a flower print, and hemmed with black lace. I don't like it, and in fact positively detested it when I first bought it (don't ask why I got it in the first place),'s grown on me.

I still don't like it. Thought I wouldn't wear it at all after the first blush from my retail high faded (quickly), but I've worn it pretty often since, more so than other skirts in my acquaintance. I'd never wear it for anyone I wanted to impress (ahem) but as there's no one I care to impress right now anyway, that's fine. This skirt is like a mood ring. Not that it changes colours (although that would be neat! or not.), but it appears to be a gauge of my self-esteem through its appearance. Succinctly put, the better I feel about myself, the more often you see it on me.

It's an odd relationship, to say the least, but there you have it. It's my happy skirt.

I haven't worn it very much lately.