Thursday, June 03, 2010

murphy's law is the drama tv series law, only catchier.

...Turns out frequent update is not frequent at all :D I have set a low bar for myself. Oh well, a post today read six months later will give no less indication of what my life has been like than if it were read today anyway (i.e. none at all).

So about a week ago, when I read Lisa Kleypas's Married By Morning, I came across this passage and LOLed:
“Good God,” Leo growled, tossing the folded paper to the table, “the drama in this household is more than a man can tolerate. I would have assumed that we could have had a reasonable discussion in the comfort of Ramsay House, but instead she flees in the dark of night and leaves a letter filled with sentimental twaddle.”
This. This completely sums up my reaction to most situations contrived solely for the purpose of extending The Angst. I had to laugh at this small bit of self-awareness in a romance novel character. Granted, when it's done well, it's more than fine, but when it's not...head-banging ensues. This is why I have problems keeping with tv drama series that span several seasons of unresolved sexual tension and angst and good god they just go on FOREVER. At least with romance novels you know it'll be resolved (happily) by the last page. So I stay away from the likes of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl (but I make an exception for Grey's Anatomy, simply because they have beautiful lines. Even then, I don't care for the characters as much if only so I can bring myself to watch them being put through the wringers again and again. Damn our cultural obsession with schadenfreude).

In any case, this book isn't a head-banger. I have a few opinions that are largely unrelated to my mini ramble above on unnecessary angst, but since I've already mentioned the book here I'll just go on.

NOTE: INDIFFERENT PERSONS CAN STOP READING RIGHT ABOUT NOW. I've generally liked Kleypas's work, but this isn't one of her best. This is part of a series on a family and its members, and the characters in this novel were already introduced at least two books before, yet their story in this one seemed to run at a pace too fast for me. I'm not sure if it is because of the contrast between the slow development of their character introductions (over two books) and the rate at which their relationship moved forward, since it might seem fast only in comparison but in actual reality be your standard romance fare. I might feel differently if I'd read this without any prior knowledge of the series.

As it is now though, so much attention has been paid to the development of their less-than-pleasant relationship and interactions (again, TWO books), that coming to this one and having them have a sudden turnabout in their personal regard for each other gave me whiplash. Admittedly, they were only secondary characters in the previous books, but if I were to read this as a series (which I did), I'd have preferred that their relationship turn for the positive in equal pacing with their premise (i.e. start developing it before this novel). But then novels like this need to be stand-alone, so people can just jump into it. So. I don't know. I can only say I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd like.

P.S. YES I know my exams are in less than a week and omg what am I doing reading romance novels and did I have to update NOW of all times and I am lacking in Vitamin D and...all the other letters too actually but this is what I like to call PRODUCTIVE PROCRASTINATION.