Friday, November 20, 2009

there's no place like

home. 9 months later, I come back to:

1. the same old antique living room set I've lived with for more than a decade PLEASE can we have something soft and squishy D:
2. my bathroom door missing a doorknob. There is now a piece of cardboard covering up the gaping hole where it used to be and a piece of string looped through it to act as a substitute*. Resourcefulness, thy family name is Chan.
3. the post-it note I stuck to the bathroom mirror saying 'put the toothpaste cap back on!' still there :)
4. barely-there shower sprays and no hot water yay
5. a leaking sink that splashes your feet with the contents of your gargling.

...glad to be home, really. Still, as tired as I am of moving, it's probably a good thing that we are, soon. SQUISHY SOFAS MOOOM

*This is the third doorknob my family has destroyed.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

male bashing ≠ female empowerment

Posted: 14/11/09

I bought this shirt last year thinking it was cute. I'm not so sure now. Bryan was a little offended back when I got it, and I remember brushing it off thinking 'he's just being sensitive' (sorry Bryan). But I imagine if it said GIRLS MAKE GREAT ACCESSORIES instead I would've totally flipped my lid.

I'm not going to justify my double standard, but I think most people would have reacted the way I did. Not to say it's right. But then, women have had a long, long history of being treated exactly just like that, so much so that the idea of someone taking a statement like GIRLS MAKE GREAT ACCESSORIES seriously is actually quite plausible, and hence a hot button. Of course, some women can be and have been guilty of the same - namely treating men as objects, but it isn't at all the same as the systematic oppression of women through the ages. Men have never been at risk of having their entire sex treated (in every way that counts) as less than human by the fairer sex, and really, in their position of privilege and power and all, the idea of men being mere accessories is, well, ludicrous.

I just realized I'm trying to explain a stupid t-shirt. Who the hell analyzes the shit out of a joke?

My point is, I worried it was sexist, but it isn't. It's not the same because it isn't even an existing male stereotype of guys=accessories. If anything it's a tongue-in-cheek twist on the girls=accessories stereotype (which diddoes exist). But I honestly doubt it's seen as that. More likely it's just a form of retaliation along the lines of 'objectify me, will you? back atcha!', which doesn't get us anywhere if we're talking about combating sexism seriously.

So...title subject. Men are friends, not food. Guys, I don't think of you as accessories. Really. Out of deference to the amazing guys in my life, good bye t-shirt.

Blah blah blah zzzsexism zzzcourtesy zz...fuck it. It's too earlylate for sleep-deprived me to do this better. Any t-shirt joke that needs a whole blogpost to clarify it isn't worth it and/or very funny anyway.