Monday, April 27, 2009


I just whiled away my three-day weekend (well okay four, but friday doesn't count because I had a test) on romance novels and Gossip Girl. Which is exactly what I had planned to do ahaha :D Three things:

Julia Quinn: didn't like her as much as I expected to. Which is odd because I like her style, but I am just not engaging with her characters.

Loretta Chase: her I adore. And highly recommend for anyone who thinks to dip his/her toe in the pool of romance. She'll pull you under.

Gossip Girl: I seem to only be watching this for Chuck and Blair. Not Chuck or Blair mind, but Chuckandblair. Chuck is but a mere asshole by himself anyway.

That said, I must now venture back into reality before I go mad. Excessive high-strung melodrama eats my brain. But before that, more Sarah Haskins!

My gentle alpaca!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have Twitter, people. And yes, some of you missed the huge slab of random letterings and characters at the side bar there ---> you know who you are lol. Those are basically my mini-updates, because I'm not going to always be all gung-ho about blogging (like now).

Now...a couple of links I want to share :D

Hilzoy on Why do they stay? gakked from
I'm not particularly passionate or mindful on the issue of abuse, just as I doubt most of you are. But this was just so well-written that it left me feeling a little more thoughtful about it. The article gives insight into why some women (and men. it's rather gender-neutral) might stay on in such situations. And as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Candy Tan on the romance ghetto, gakked from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

'What gets to me is how pervasive the genre shame is, and how strong the assumption that if you read romance, you have to be one dumb broad. ... I used to think you'd have to be a moron to read and enjoy romance novels. I used to be the one who wanted to say to my sister "But you seem way too smart for these books." And god knows I still feel embarrassment squick for a lot of the covers.'

That's generally how I've been feeling XD For the last couple of years I've swung from ugh to hearts for this genre. Really, it's just a matter of sorting out the good from the bad.

And by the same author, for those who think it's stupid.

Happy reading!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Warning: Lengthy, annoyed rant ahead.

Midsem break is several days of this

Night/morning before Crim Law I's 12pm deadline....

12.30am: Oli: what page are you on now? Me: one :D AHAHAHA

2.21am: wtf am I doing on the onemanga site? NO BAD GIRL CLOSE NOW

2.30am: Chin is finished! >_>

3.15am: Oli is finished! >_>

6.30am: Uaaaagh only one more point to go! Oh shit I'm feeling nauseous, better go lie down for awhile...


9.30am: Hmm *yawn* I wonder what time ARGH OH SHIT so much for legal process (9-11am lecture) Why didn't Oli call me! Oh right phone is on silent mode.

11.00am: I am done! With an hour to spare! I'll just print it and go take a shower whee life is good. Dum deee duuum daaah~

11.20am: ....hey where's my assignment? NOOO WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PRINTER DD: *fiddles*

11.30am: !@#$%^&&^%$# PRINTER WHY ARE YOU NOT WORKING ahhhh I'm sorry printer I didn't mean it T.T please please please work.

11.40am: To hell with dignity and sprint for the law library.

11.50am: The computer takes forever to log in! There are other law students around cursing! [Guy behind me at the printers, fidgeting: Sorry, my assignment's due at 12. Me: So is mine] Ahhh stapler, why dost thou conspireth against me!

11.56am: Assignment goes into box. My entire life seems to have culminated to this point. And yes, the past 12 hours warranted multiple exclamation marks.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

So I sang in the church choir today :D

During the tenor/soprano duet, while I was walking down the aisle with the other ooh-aah-ers, Vanessa stepped on the back of my choir gown and...yeah. I choked up. On laughter. I laughed so hard after that I couldn't sing D:

But when I told Kim this, she said "Oh really? I just thought you were really, really happy to be singing."

...well I guess that works too.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

big bubbles for big brenda

It's Fringe Week in UWA! ...I have no idea what that is, but we had giant bubbles today :D I want a set of giant-bubble-making equipment at home too.

This is how Oliver and I wasted our break away:

"It looks like a plastic bag!"


Ollie has the funniest expressions xD

Bubble world-view!

Oh, bubble coming!

So fun.

"I wanna try too!" *hands phone over"


Fail again.

AHAH! There's one - do you see it?

This...reminds me of a condom.

Whee. I was surprised there weren't more people clamouring to play with it. Not that I'm complaining xD

Bubble overhead!


Go Oliver!

I swear I made a fair amount of decent bubbles, just not on camera.
Oliver >_>

Monday, April 06, 2009

Of late...

I'm a walking biological weapon rawr. To those who haven't gotten the virus yet, that is. Watch out Oliver (/>_>)/

On my current predicament:

Me: ...I've never even heard of cold sores! No one in Malaysia gets them!

Chin: Yes they do!

Me: O.O What?

Chin: There's KFC!

Me: Huh?!

Chin: We do have coleslaw!


Chin: Wth is that?

Me: *points* btw it's contagious.

Chin: *spends rest of the lecture holding notes up between us*

Me: T.T

p.s. If anyone is so curious as to google up pictures, let me make it clear that I look nothing like them. Yet.

Friday, April 03, 2009

floating happily in a sea of waffy goodness

I just stayed up all night to finish my assignment...and whenever I try too hard to think when I'm tired, I get very nauseous.

This is what got me through the night:

Nodame Cantabile :D

...and made me stay up even after I finished my assignment, way into the afternoon after which I couldn't wait to blog about it.

I heart Chiaki/Nodame relationship dynamics. What I absolutely adored, was how their relationship grew on me just as it grew on both of them (or maybe just Chiaki), rather than me having reader's omniscience. Because I went into this not really expecting much romance, or the kind I could appreciate anyway (Nodame was quite a presence to get used to), the fact that I did get it made it ten times better :DD

When I'm actually looking out for romance I tend to get very impatient with slow relationship progress (and a shortage of waffy scenes!), but this...this made me go aww over a hug. I do not normally get hyped up over hugs. I can get really picky with romance, so I love how their stories and interactions with each other drew me in enough to look past all that.

Still, a good romance on the side is not enough by itself to commend a show! The plot was nice (it certainly wasn't blah), and the secondary characters are well-developed enough for your pick of favourites xD I'm in love with the whole show.

I read a little of the manga awhile back but didn't get very far, though it did interest me enough to watch the live-action drama version. Now I'm wondering how different it is, and am thinking of going back to the manga (to draw comparisons maybe?). Whee. Hearts hearts hearts.

p.s. I am never going to start my assignment so late again.