Sunday, February 22, 2009

building up a strong stomach

This is my brother's microwave.

Again, the microwave.

I don't know how I mustered the guts to eat anything that came out of it, but I did. Twice. Once with the food uncovered.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

i don't like admitting this

but I'm a little homesick :(

Well I don't want to sound all emo here, it's only been three days after all. I'm kind of missing my brother (will regret saying this) too. Guess you can't substitute one brother for another. Funny thing is, I thought I'd be over this monthly depression phase (yes I thought it was a phase ) now that other things are out of the way. Evidently I was wrong. This sucks.

But all is mostly good :D I have family to buffer me from outright loneliness and lovely friends who come online and a lack of significant difference in time zones to get in the way. Yay for the internet.

In other news, it is freaking Hot during the day here. I walk to uni and back and there is barely any shade in between T.T Just yesterday I forgot to bring out my key, and when I arrived home, no one was in. For a moment there, the thought that I'd have to wait in the heat for my brother to come back almost made me burst into tears. Thank god for unlocked side doors.

It's dry here; so dry my lips crack. But at the same time it's so hot I sweat anyway. And I don't sweat easily. At night, we switch on the air-conditioning because it doesn't get cool until way after midnight. Nevertheless my brother has somehow developed a sixth sense for when that happens (Scrooge instincts), and he never fails to get up at night to switch it off and open all the windows.

Really, there is nothing to talk about but the weather.

To end this on a mysterious note :P , today's the day I put my anxieties to rest. I hope.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

only for you, jaq

I make use of my blog! No way. Well, no new comp (yet >.>), this comp lags so I'll make this short.

NEVER TAKE AIR ASIA FOR NIGHT FLIGHTS. So yes, I didn't sleep and stupid me being so gung-ho when I arrived in Perth, I said YES to shopping with my bro when I should've been sleeping. Busy day. My new place is...really nice actually :D yay and there's air-conditioning (though my bro's too stingy to use it).

And...boy I really suck at this. I'm tired and it's morning and cold and there's no hot water (wth) and so I will go distract myself with something else until it gets hot.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

i have no blogging material, is that obvious?

Once you've been tagged, you have to list down 16 random things, habits or goals about you. Lastly, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names, and why you chose them.

1. I am warmed by the idea that I have been tagged along with people who have deader blogs than mine.

2. I'm leaving for aussieland! Tomorrow night! Am quite unready.

3. I like myself better in short hair. Everyone agrees.

4. My phone is so ulu I have had a middle-aged auntie comment on it. I fail at being young.

5. The only thing that could absolutely crush me right now is finding out I'll be sharing a computer with my (other) brother in Perth, after having shared with my brother (i.e. fought tooth and nail to get an hour in) here in Malaysia for the past...oh, life maybe and so yeah, having one of my own would really, really help with maintaining harmonious relations with either sibling and I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS MOM.

6. I like green. Red too. Purple and grey. A little tired of brown at the moment. Orange is nice. I like colours.

7. I...own a pair of sunnies now! :D

8. My mom made me repack my clothes into her Tupperware™ containers. My luggage is now full of Tupperware™ full of clothes.

9. I'ma gonna miss my friends here :'(

10. I feel more than I think. Unfortunately.

11. My weight and height has remained unchanged since form 1, according to my high school PJK card. Well no actually according to my PJK card I have shrunk since form 1, but we all know how accurate those things are. I'm going with unchanging.

12. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. I refuse to regret.

13. I feel an affinity with the guy who died first in The Mummy. The guy who dropped his glasses and stumbled around waiting to get his eyes gouged out by Imhotep. That scene haunts me. Bad eyesight is not something to be had in a horror movie.

14. I think it is very weird to describe someone's breath as delicious, vampire book or not. '...I smelled his cool breath in my face. Sweet, delicious, the scent made my mouth water.'

15. I believe in learning from past mistakes, and improving.

16. I currently have about 20 books lying around unwrapped and unread. Wonder if I'll manage to bring them with me. Darn bibliomanic tendencies.

I tag:

Nobody. Or anybody who chances upon this. Because most people have already been tagged or have done it or don't read my blog. See, I even explain why.