Saturday, April 07, 2007

How Girls Chat

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - lol

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - i was thinking one day

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - that one day, in the future

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - i wouldnt like to work all my life only and think career career career right

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - so i know i would like to have kids

Mäy 媚 - uhhuh

Mäy 媚 - i want kids

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - because it seems nice

Mäy 媚 - =D

Mäy 媚 - i want KIDS


Mäy 媚 - 1 or 2

Mäy 媚 - will be enough

Mäy 媚 - dont want 3

Mäy 媚 - =D

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - to know to have someone that you'll love for sure

Mäy 媚 - thats mah goal 1 or 2

Mäy 媚 - someone to love ME ME ME

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - so when you love someone, life actually seems more meaningful

Mäy 媚 - and mah sexy self

Mäy 媚 - yeah

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - not like in the case of a guy

Mäy 媚 - and i'd do things for HIM HIM HIM

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - love comes and go

Mäy 媚 - cuz hez so damn sexy

Mäy 媚 - =D

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - but kids are like. love FOREVER

Mäy 媚 - yeaaaah

Mäy 媚 - i want a lil girl

Mäy 媚 - and a lil boy

Mäy 媚 - =')

·brrrrenda-chan· (BC)² - i have a feeling we're talking on different wavelengths here.