Tuesday, June 21, 2005

When Plot Bunnies (Or Turtles) Attack...

*This is a turtle :8: . Use your imagination =.=*

B: *cradles a book and coos to it* You’re a cute lil’ fella, yes you are. Oh yes you are...

S: Hi, Bren! *B continues with her antics* ...uh, what are you doing?

B: Playing with my turtle! Look! Isn't it the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

S: *stares* That's a book, Brenda.

B: Shut up. I've always wanted a turtle and now I've finally got one. You're supposed to be happy for me. Aww...poor little turtle...she didn't mean it. Sara doesn't know what she's saying. She's just being stupid. She thinks she's so smart. *mockingly* Oh look at me! I don't see no turtle coz I'm so smaaaaart...

S: ...That's not a turtle.

B: Yes, it is!

S: No, it isn't.

B: YES, IT IS! You don't want those nude baby pictures of yours to magically appear on the net, do you?

S: ..................... *glares*

B: It's a turtle. *conclusively* Say it with me. It's a tuuuuuurtle....

S: ........it's.....a..............turtle. *eye twitches*

B: *beams* So do you want to hold it? Do you wanna? Here!

S: Uh... *backs away* no thanks. So...um.. *shuffles feet*....what's its name? *eye twitches*

B: Turtle! *beams*

S: .....That's a dumb name.

B: *expression changes immediately* No, it isn't! It's a perfectly good name.

S: It's a dumb name! You don't name pets by their species! That would be ridiculous!

B: It's a good name! Giving people-names to animals are stupid, coz they're animals, not people. ...Unless you want me to name it Sara. Hey Sara~ *coos to book*

S: ..... *eye twitches* All right. Turtle. You can name it Peter Pan or Mary Poppins for all I care.

B: *grins*

S: *glares* Anyway, who emptied the huge bag of jellybeans I bought the other day? *holds up an empty plastic container*

B: Turtle did. Baaaad Turtle! *smacks book* I told you not to do it, didn't I? But did you listen to me? Nooo....you just couldn't resist, could you? No more jellybeans for the rest of the week!

S: .....turtles don't eat jellybeans. You do.

B: You have no proof that I ate them! NONE AT ALL! *maniacal laughter*

S: Well, Turtle must've seen you.

B: *looks around wide-eyed* Turtle? What turtle?

S: Turtle. The one you were talking about.

B: What turtle? I don't see any turtle. *looks at audience* Do you see any turtle? *random guy shouts no*

S: TURTLE!! The one you kept insisting was a turtle! *points at book* That turtle.

B: Don't be stupid, Sara. That's a book.

S: That's what I said! But you kept insisting it was a turtle which you named

B: That's a dumb name.

S: Well, that's what you named it. AND you claimed it ate all the jellybeans! And I said NO! and you were like YES! BAD turtle and I didn’t believe you.. and.. and..... ARRGH!!

B: Don't be ridiculous, my friend. *puts hand on S's shoulder* There is no turtle named Turtle here. Even if there was a turtle, I'd probably name it Sara or something.

S: *splutters incredulously* You......you.........YOU ATE THE JELLYBEANS DIDN'T YOU?!

B: *snorts* Trying to change the subject now, are you? It's not working. I don't blame you, Sara dear. This heat is making us all crazy. *pats Sara on the shoulder* There, there, just go get some rest now.... You'll feel better by tomorrow.

*leads a speechless S away*

B: And hey! You might just stop thinking the book's a turtle, too!

S: Shut up, Brenda. Just shut up.

B: *chuckles* Oh you really crack me up at times, Sara. Honestly! Book-turtles! What next? Dustbins taking over the world? *trails off*

© Copyright 2005 Brenda Chan & Ng Li May. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of Brenda Chan & Ng Li May.
I would like to thank God, my family, and my source of inspiration, Li May for their unconditional love and support. I couldn't have done it without them *sniff*. No thanks to Kah Kiat who rejected it just because there were no parts for him. Hmph.